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Hit snooze and still be up in time for desi nashta. All day.

Hit snooze and still be up in time for desi nashta. All day.

You wake up on a lazy Sunday afternoon, craving delicious desi nashta but your favourite dhaba has already wrapped up breakfast service. That’s it, you think, not for the first time. The only way to devour Halwa Puri at the weekend is to wake up at 9am.   

That was before Chit Chaat.

If you’re looking for all-day breakfast in Lahore — you have come to the right place. Our desi nashta menu features everything from Chanay Pathoray and Anda Paratha to Halwa Puri and Nihari. 

The concept of all-day breakfast may have arrived late in Pakistan and is typically limited to western or continental dishes. At Chit Chaat, we are desi and proud and believe that traditional nashta should be celebrated all day, everyday. 

All-Day Breakfast Menu  

Halwa Puri

Melt-in-your mouth crispy golden puri, made from whole-wheat flour, served with velvety desi-ghee halwa and garnished with roasted nuts.


Signature beef stew cooked overnight and marinated in our unique blend of spices. The meat is so tender that it falls away from the bone. Garnished with ginger, lemon and coriander. Served with the flatbread of your choice.


Desi goat trotter broth marinated in special spices and cooked overnight on coal to preserve the legacy of the traditional recipe. Served with the flatbread of your choice.

 Bhuna Keema

Tawa masala minced meat fried in desi ghee until tender and juicy. Green chilli, ginger and cilantro add to the aromatic experience. Served with the flatbread of your choice.


 Chana Kulcha

Chana masala served with boiled egg and traditional flatbread. Our kulchas are cooked in the tandoor before being lightly brushed with melted butter.

 Anda Pratha

Choose between fried egg or masala omelette. Served with mouthwatering lachha pratha that has been prepared with desi ghee and cooked in the tandoor. Feel full and fuelled.

Chanay Pathoray

Classic chana masala cooked with fragrant spices. Served with boiled egg and deep fried golden potato pathoras. The breakfast of champions.

Bhujia Pratha

Sweet and spicy potato lightly fried in desi ghee. Served with deliciously crumbly lachha pratha.

 French Toast

Bread soaked in sweet egg mixture and apple cinnamon filling. Griddled until golden-brown before being drizzled with caramel sauce. A dusting of buttered power sugar provides the finishing touch. Light and crispy on the outside. Soft and gooey on the inside. Bliss. 

 We also encourage you to inform our servers of any allergies or special dietary requirements or preferences. At Chit Chaat, we pride ourselves on the personal touch and our team is fully trained to cater to your individual needs. And since our food is freshly prepared — our kitchen staff will be more than happy to slightly alter recipes or adjust the spice factor accordingly. For when it comes to service, your satisfaction remains our priority.


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