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Meray Des Ka Fast Food

Meray Des Ka Fast Food

A shared plate of haleem in the school canteen. Halwa puri in the car after those early morning driving lessons. Ramadan ki special chana chaat. Nani ke ghar ki biryani. It is these experiences of love, family, and friendship that gave birth to Chit Chaat. 

The driving force behind Chit Chaat is our love for desi street food and our commitment to the culture it represents. What began as a passion project has revolutionised desi street food in Pakistan.

The State of Desi Street Food?

Driving through the streets of Lahore you will see hundreds of brightly colored boards inviting you in to try cuisines from around the world. Sushi, burgers, steaks, you name it. 

Yet nowhere in this mix will you find the desi delicacies we have all grown up knowing and loving. Those are relegated to dhabas on street corners and quaint stores in Old Lahore. A distinct barrier between “heritage” and “the modern.” 

All too often Pakistanis are faced with the difficult decision of picking between the two. And that’s where we come in.

Why can’t you have a professional meeting over Tandoori Chicken? Or get Halwa Puri without worrying about how many times the oil has been reused? Why should you have to choose? 

It is these questions that spawned the Chit Chaat Motto - Meray Des Ka Fast Food! 

A restaurant where you can enjoy all your favourite desi foods on the regular, with friends, family, and coworkers, in a hip and modern environment. 

The food is prepared with high-quality healthy ingredients, in a kitchen that prioritizes hygiene and cleanliness. All of this done at the Andaaz kitchen under the tutelage of chef and restaurateur Ahmed Chema.

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Hit snooze and still be up in time for desi nashta. All day.

Hit snooze and still be up in time for desi nashta. All day.

What sets Chit Chaat apart?

What sets Chit Chaat apart?