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Chit Chaat, the pandemic and the future

Chit Chaat, the pandemic and the future

Who could have predicted how fast Covid-19 would spread? Or, indeed, how long it would last? 


When the global pandemic first broke out — many of us believed that it would be over in a matter of months. Even when the government started implementing lockdowns — we still held out hope that the world would re-open by summertime. Undoubtedly, the past year has been difficult for all of us.


Rising infection numbers combined with rapidly changing government directives resulted in the food and hospitality industry being among the hardest hit. First came the shift from indoor to outdoor dining. Then, we were shut down completely. Each week was spent on tenterhooks: wondering if and when we would ever be able to re-open.


Of course, none of us wanted to shut our doors. But we had to prioritise the health and safety of staff and customers alike while abiding by the rule of law. Faith was the only thing left.

What We Did 

Chit Chaat is known for our commitment to healthy and natural ingredients which we turn into top-quality yet affordable food items. All of which have been prepared under hygienic conditions in compliance with international standards. Our streamlined kitchen methodology also ensures that customers are served in the minimum time possible.

However, the pandemic scuppered these in-house systems. Yet we were not ready to give up. Our brilliant team at Chit Chaat took a deep breath as we absorbed and readjusted to this brave new world. The survival of the hospitality industry hinges on nothing less. And Chit Chaat has certainly risen to this unprecedented occasion. 

 Fast Online Ordering and Delivery System

Our software and tech updates have made us more prepared than ever to meet our patrons’ changing needs. In fact, Chit Chaat has now teamed up with global e-commerce leaders to guarantee that our system remains as efficient as possible.

From our fast home-delivery service to the upgraded online ordering system and streamlined payment methods — getting Chit Chaat to your doorstep has never been easier. As always, customer satisfaction remains our number one goal. Thus, our 24/7 customer service centre is always ‘lit’ to answer your questions and help in whatever way we can.

Safety Precautions

The entire Chit Chaat team — from management to kitchen staff to servers —  have all been fully vaccinated and undergo regular Covid testing.

We have also doubled up our safety precautions elsewhere. All our ingredients are sourced from trusted and certified vendors, with meat hand picked from Metro outlets and checked for quality. 

Workspaces at each stage of the culinary process are neatly divided and clearly demarcated to avoid cross-contamination. Food items are prepped individually and cooked until perfection. There is absolutely no risk of bacteria or germs. This is how we have managed to build and maintain patron loyalty. In short, we offer the best of Lahori street food — but with the added assurance that no aspect of health and safety is ever left to chance.

Our teams are trained to follow HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and undertake weekly refresher courses to make sure Chit Chaat’s high standards never waver. Keeping in mind the Covid threat — anti-contamination measures are always on our mind. We have therefore reinforced and expanded our pre-existing safety and hygiene measures to include hands-free washing areas while applying strict social distancing and mask-wearing controls. Both in and out of the kitchen. 

Your safety is our priority. And with Chit Chaat throwing open its doors — you can rest assured that you will be in safe and sanitised hands. For we would never gamble with our patrons’s wellbeing.

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